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Parties (Birthday, Anniversary, Holliday, Special Occasion)

Weddings - Our first contact may be by Email, Phone or a Service (Gigmaster, Bark etc.). The second contact is done by our owner and is normally conducted in person. This way we can meet and make sure we have what you're looking for. We can do both the Wedding and Reception as we utilize 2 complete systems so there's no music down time. We will work with the Bride and Groom on what music they want for the Wedding, Cocktail Hour or just the Reception. We will make up a schedule of events so we have a time line to look at so either party can make any changes they deem necessary. We use Wireless Microphones for the Reception so the clients can move about to make any announcements, toasts or congratulatory remarks. We provide lighting for the Dance Floor and that can be expanded if requested. We also use a Facade (Creme, Blue, Emerald Green) to hide our equipment so you can have pictures taken from anywhere. We can help with your reception planning if asked. We've done outdoor, indoor, around pools, on lakes, halls, community centers, golf courses, restaurants, and even at a fish camp. We almost always have 2 DJ's at the reception so one is always at the music controls so you don' get quiet or squeals. If you need further information please contact us for a free consultation. 
Time for a Party - Contact us and we'll follow your theme to make sure you have a great time. From 10 to 90 we can provide the music they'll love, dance to and sing-a-long. For the newest music ours is almost all "Radio Edit" ( what you hear on the radio is what we play) or "Clean" (as clean as it gets). We can set up our equipment Facade to fit into the party so any pictures won't look out of place. Lighting for the area to brighten up the area and make it special. We can even spotlight a couple or individual if requested. We arrive early to set-up and test our equipment to make sure everything is ready to go. We bring a second system "Just in Case". We can set up our equipment in a large or small area. We can even set up in a corner so we'll be out of the way. Wireless speakers available so we can put the music in a separate room if necessary. Our DJs will even dress up if requested to follow the theme. Even our owner dressed up as pinocchio for a party (no pictures remain). If you have any questions or would like some more information please contact us.  
Karaoke - Want to feel like an "Idol" and sing your heart out. We can do that. Extensive library of Karaoke songs and if you give us that song the just "Has" to be sung we'll make sure that we have it available. We can play just our music or your discs if you have them. Along with all the music we provide a large monitor screen and a feedback speaker (area supported). We can also send the monitor screen to external televisions or screens if you'd like. We can set up just about anywhere. Spotlight for the singer (normally the guest of honor) that can be arranged. If all you need is a small machine for that at-home family time we have one for rent that we'll come and set up for you. Larger equipment is also available. For further information or questions please contact us. 
We carry our own LIability Insurance for those venue's that require it.